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Our Beaver Scout Colony has currently 25 members. The Beavers are a very lively bunch and we try to provide an exciting programme which constantly challenges and teaches them new skills.  We usually join the Cub/Scout camp in May each year for our Camp Sleepover which is an opportunity for us to join with our wider 9th Purley family of Cubs and Scouts!

Beavers are aged between 6 and 8 years old.

Volunteers, leaders and helpers are always welcome!

Beaver Scout Leader: Tana Danielson

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader: Natasha Samuels

Parent Rota Coordinator: Clare Davis

We meet on Thursday evenings from 5:30pm to 6.45pm.



Badges: Disability Awareness, Emergency Aid 1,2, Space, Air Activity 1,2, Teamwork Challenge, Youth-shaped scouting

11/01/2018  Meeting – Welcome New Beavers – Disability Awareness

18/01/2018  Meeting – Physical Disability Awareness

25/01/2018  Meeting – Deaf & Sight Awareness

01/02/2018  Meeting – Emergency Aid 1 Youth-shaped scouting focus starts Beavers choose the game

08/02/2018  Meeting – Emergency Aid 2 Beavers choose their game


22/02/2018  Meeting – Airborne Beavers choose their game

01/03/2018  Meeting – “Rocket” Beavers choose their game

08/03/2018  Meeting – Rosetta Mission

15/03/2018  Outside Meeting – Stargazing

22/03/2018  Meeting – Meeting – Orion

24/03/2018  Croydon District Dinosaur Fun Day – Crystal Palace Park.  More information to follow.

PLEASE NOTE: On approximately one Saturday a month we hope to continue our visits to Foxley Lodge Care Home as part of the Million Hands project and Disability Awareness/Personal challenge badges – could parents advise Clare Davis of availability on Saturdays 2.30-3.30pm

"Armpit fudge" declared a delicacy by 9th Purley Beavers!


9th Purley Beavers have visited Foxley Lodge Care Home every month as part of The Million Hands project.  The Beavers spent time engaging with residents by reading books to them and talking about their uniforms and badges.