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Our Beaver Scout Colony has currently 25 members. The Beavers are a very lively bunch and we try to provide an exciting programme which constantly challenges and teaches them new skills.  We usually join the Cub/Scout camp in May each year for our Camp Sleepover which is an opportunity for us to join with our wider 9th Purley family of Cubs and Scouts!

Beavers are aged between 6 and 8 years old.

Volunteers, leaders and helpers are always welcome!

Beaver Scout Leader: Tana Danielson

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader: Natasha Samuels

Parent Rota Coordinator: Clare Davis

We meet on Thursday evenings from 5:30pm to 6.45pm.


The Beavers joined in with Parliament Week 2017 by holding their own Parliament. They sat as a House of Commons and a House of Lords and worked in teams to prepare their arguments for what they would do for elderly residents with Dementia. The 3 parties argued their cases at the 'despatch box', answered questions from each other and then held a vote referring the matter to the 'Lords' who agreed! 


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The Beavers learned all about the isolated volcanic island, Rapa Nui or Easter Island.  They made their own "Moai" Head statues from clay and then made DIY Lava Lamps ... empty plastic bottle, one third water, two thirds cooking oil, drops of food colouring and half an alka selzer!  Parents - the Lava lamp can be re-invigorated with another half of alka selzer and try putting a torch or light underneath for the full Lava Lamp effect!  (Thanks to Francesca Taylor for Lava Lamp recipe and spare bottles!)




Earlier in the term the Beavers enjoyed Wild West activities, Indians Archery,

Tin Can alley and they made excellent Wanted Posters aging them with tea-bags!  

The meeting called for pulling a few faces!

Our Beaver Choir sang Christmas Carols at Foxley Lodge and the residents loved joining in ... jingle bells and Christmas hats!  Merry Christmas from 9th Purley Beavers!

9th Purley Beavers have visited Foxley Lodge Care Home every month this term as part of The Million Hands project.  The Beavers spent time engaging with residents by reading books to them and talking about our uniforms and badges.  In November a couple of Cubs and a Scout helped out!  


Autumn 2017 Programme


14th Sept          Meeting – WELCOME NEW BEAVERS, Talk about our favourite museums AGE OF THE DINOSAURS (Rob the dinosaur nest/create origami dinosaurs)

21st Sept          Meeting – WILD WEST (Lodge activities, archery, tin can alley and making teabag aged Wanted posters!) Museum Maps handout

28th Sept          Meeting – MINIATURE ZOO (outside to find mini-beasts for a miniature zoo, make a water filter)

30th Sept          VISIT TO FOXLEY LODGE CARE HOME – MILLION HANDS PROJECT – talk about ourselves and read childrens books to the residents

5th Oct             Outdoor Meeting – AUTUMN NIGHT HIKE to Foxley Woods – Bring a torch!  Hot chocolate for afterwards.

12th Oct           Meeting – ANCIENT ROME  (Coding activities in Roman Numerals/NSEW in Roman! Making dice for a roman dice game)  Issued with Recycling sheets

14th Oct           VISIT TO FOXLEY LODGE CARE HOME – MILLION HANDS PROJECT – talk about ourselves and read childrens books to the residents

19th Oct           Meeting – THE AQUARIUM (phone numbers in a fish tank, recycling and our oceans) Award Global Issues badges/Joining In badges/Hike badges

26th October – 2nd November 2 WEEK HALF TERM

4th Nov            9th PURLEY & DISTRICT FIREWORKS DISCO – ticketed event

9th Nov             Meeting – TEA WITH THE AZTECS (Aztec designs, Potato printing, Cat & Mouse)

12th Nov          REMEMBRANCE DAY CHURCH PARADE (St. John the Baptist, Purley)

16th Nov          Meeting – PARLIAMENT WEEK (Beavers election night! Hustings and voting on helping residents with Dementia)

18th Nov         VISIT TO FOXLEY LODGE CARE HOME - MILLION HANDS PROJECT - reading to the residents

23rd Nov          Meeting – EASTER ISLAND (clay modelling Easter Island Heads, Heads & Tails, Lava lamps - please supply small clear plastic bottle/lid)

30th Nov          Meeting – WALKING WITH CAVEMEN  (Back in time activities, outside campfire)

7th Dec            Meeting – VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS (Last meeting this term, Beavers swimming up to Cubs, Badge Awards)

Please Note:  We are arranging visits to Foxley Lodge Nursing Home, Higher Drive on someSaturday afternoons (around 2.30pm for an hour)

as part of our Million Hands project. 

Every Beaver should attend at least one of these visits in order to achieve a particular part of his/her Personal Challenge as the Beavers focus

on Dementia.